Greener Pastures Meat and Processing

Big game party pack!

• 2 slabs of pork ribs (approx. 4-5lbs.)

• 5.5 oz. of dad's rib rub (our new special recipe)

• 20 Chicken Wings

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Orders must be picked up between Feb. 5th – Feb. 10th – no later than 1pm on Feb. 10th.


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$20 Rockie Special!!!

$22 With Upgrades!

~Upgrade to speciality patties ($1 extra)

~Upgrade to speciality bacon ($1 extra)

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SpecialsLimited Time Price:

$8.99 Per 5.5 oz Bottle

Greener Pastures own “once secret” family recipe.

Made from the personal recipe of Greener Pastures owner Cohle Crabtree’s father Tim, our new Dad’s Rib Rub is a must-try. This one-of-a-kind seasoning is also great on beef, pork, fish, & more. All natural spices & ingredients, non-GMO, no preservatives, no MSG.

New featured menu items...

  • Chicken Breast $3.99/LB
  • Whole Chicken $2.99/LB
  • Chicken $6.99/LB
  • Beef $6.99/LB

Pet Menu

  • Pet Food $3.99/LB

    Ingredients: 80% Beef Trim, 10% Beef Fat, 10% Organ Meat (heart/lung/liver/spleen)

  • Saw Dust $2.99/LB
  • Knuckle Bones $5/Bag
  • Marrow Bones $10/Bag
  • Smoked Trachea Treats $10/Bag
  • Beef Smoked Tendons $10/Bag

Rockie Special!!! $20

$22 With Upgrades

~Upgrade to specialty patties ($1 extra)

~Upgrade to speciality bacon ($1 extra)