Greener Pasture Reviews


Greener Pastures Meat and Processing Reviews

Greener Pastures has been voted one of the top-rated meat processing companies in Colorado. See what our happy customers are saying about us, and experience our premium red meat cutlets for yourself!

Tony H.
We are very happy with our cut steer. We got exactly what was asked for, including the extra fat and salvageable bone cuts for dog feed. Everything was vacuumed sealed, except burger by the pound. Which is fine for us. Thank you Green Pastures for making the process so simple.
Robert B.
Great people, if nothing else. Great quality product.
Cory B.
Very friendly and great variety
Joseph C.
Great. Unpacking now. Bout to grill an taste test. Know we will b back
Sandra R.
Wow. Only good things to say about our experience with you guys! I can't quite get over how much fun it is to cook with good quality beef again! Being new to the area it felt scary to spend that much money on ordering a half beef through someone we weren't familiar with, but every penny has been worth it for us. Even the cheapest cuts of meat have been so tender and juicy... I've been so, so pleased!!! Also, the packaging was very neat and the boxes we received our meat in were an average of 40lb and easy to manage. Thank you, Greener Pastures!!
T. A.
Very family oriented! Love it!
Doug & Anna B.
This is the only place we go locally for meat. Everyone is always helpful and hard working.
Matt J.
Purchased 1/2 a cow from Rebel Ranch. First time dealing with Greener Pasteurs, I would recommend. They seem to have a good team and knowledge staff.
Kevin D.
I have been working with them for over a year now and it has been fantastic. If you need your animals or wild game processed, their team really knows what they are doing. Also it is hunting season for the wild game processing!
Steve A.
We have been buying our meat here for over a year and we have always been satisfied with the quality and service.
Evagene W.
Processing is great! People who work for Greener Pastures very helpful great to work with. However the owner needs to work on communication and customer service very rude and unprofessional.
Rachael A.
Super nice man and takes pride in the job he does. Affordable, competitive prices with local supermarket for a fresher product. He tries to accommodate everyone’s needs and works hard. He raises all his animals on site. He’ll butcher yours too, just haul them over!

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