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Top-Rated Pork Processing in Colorado

Top-Rated Pork Processing in Colorado

Farm-to-Table Taste Every Single Time.

Want the Freshest Pork Cutlets? Greener Pastures Offers Premium Pork Processing in Colorado!

Farmers and ranchers across Colorado trust Greener Pastures to turn their diligently raised livestock into high-quality cuts of meat. As a highly trusted and widely preferred meat processing plant, we’re committed to providing our fellow Coloradans with the freshest meats and the cleanest cutlets. So, when it comes to pork processing in Colorado, we offer only the finest pork cutlets around. Whether you’re a farmer, a rancher, or just a fellow meat-lover, we’re here to handle all of your meat processing needs! Bring us your pig, and we’ll produce the best pork cutlets for you and your family to enjoy!

Ask us about our premium pork processing in Colorado today, and let our meat processing experts handle the preparation process for you!

Our pork processing process is simple: schedule your pork  drop-off and then fill out your pork cut sheet! Any questions, please call us at 719-275-6911.

Hog Processing Fees

  • Processing/Cryovac $1.35/LB
  • Slaughter Fee $75
  • Curing $1.75/LB
  • Link Sausage $5.99/LB
  • Bacon (specialty) $2.99/LB

Fat Added – $3.50LB

Boned-out meat will incur a minimum charge.

Our Pork Processing Services

Available Pork Cuts
Available Pork Cuts

Our pork processing in Colorado is highly rated and widely trusted by farmers and ranchers across the state Colorado. We section and prepare a wide variety of delectable pork cutlets for our customers. From savory rib meat to juicy loin portions, prepare it all!

Some of our most popular cutlets include:

  • Pork Ribs: Pork ribs and widely loved and recognized. Pork ribs are laced with plenty of marbled fat, making them juicier than any other portion on the pig. These tender portions are packed full of flavor and are great for any occasion.
  • Blade Steak: Pork blade is a type of steak that is cut from pork shoulders. This steak is thinly sliced is naturally sweet with a great, hearty texture. Pork blade is extremely versatile and easy to cook.
  • Pork Loin: Pork loin is a delicacy, and it’s one of the tastiest meats you can buy. Sliced from the upper mid-section of the pig, pork loin is capped with fat on the top. This makes the meat exceptionally juicy when it is cooked.
  • Ham/Leg: Also known as the “leg,” ham is one of the largest portions or pork you can purchase. Ham is one of the most popular pork cutlets, and it’s bursting with flavor. Ham is naturally sweet and has a satisfying texture, making it a great choice for anyone who loves the taste and texture of tender pork meats.
  • Pork Hock: Hock is cut from the lower leg of a pig. Hock has a rich, smoky flavor that is similar to bacon. While they are not as meaty as other portions of the pig, hocks are great for adding to soups, stews, and even poultry stocks to enhance the flavor of the entire bowl.
  • And much more!

Ask Us Today About Our Highly Rated Pork Processing in Colorado!

Greener Pastures is proud to offer premium pork processing in Colorado. You bring us your pig, and we’ll prepare delectable pork cutlets that you’ll be proud to serve on your family dinner table!

Ready to get started? Ask us about our premium pork processing in Colorado today, and let Greener Pastures handle all of your meat processing needs!

Rockie Special!!! $20

$22 With Upgrades

~Upgrade to specialty patties ($1 extra)

~Upgrade to speciality bacon ($1 extra)