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Want to Get the Most Out of Elk Season this Year? Greener Pastures Offers Premium Elk Processing in Colorado!

Elk hunting is an artform. It requires an exceptional amount of skill, experience, and patience. You ready yourself every single year for elk season. You make long journeys to find the best hunting spot, and you spend hours creating the perfect hunting set-up. You’re passionate about elk hunting, and we’re here to fuel your passion. Greener Pastures offers professional elk processing in Colorado. Our meat processing professionals will turn your passion for elk hunting into high quality elk cutlets. You hunt only the choicest of games, and we provide our customers with only the choicest cuts of meat. Bring us your wild game, and we’ll give you delectable cuts of meat that your whole family will love!

Ask us today about our professional elk processing in Colorado, and make the most of elk season this year!

Our Elk Meat Processing Services

Elk Primal Cuts
Elk Primal Cuts

Greener Pastures is proud to provide our local hunters with professional elk processing in Colorado. Our meat processing specialists prepare a variety of succulent elk cutlets for our customers. From juicy elk ribs, shanks, and loin steaks to elk heads, ears, and rumps, we’ll prepare it all!

Some of our most popular elk cuts include:

  • Sirloin: Elk sirloin is tender, lean, and incredibly flavorful. It is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and even chicken. Elk sirloin is easy to prepare and does not require much fuss or seasonings. The meat itself is naturally juicy and flavorful, making it one of the easiest cuts of red meat to prepare.
  • Ribs: Elk ribs are naturally sweet and are known to have a somewhat “clean” flavor to them. Elk ribs are lean, and they are slightly more gamey than beef ribs. Properly prepared elk ribs will fall right off the bone!
  • Flank: Elk flank is rich in fat and has a delightfully gamey flavor to it. Cut from the belly of the elk, flank is bursting with flavor and is naturally savory. Flank cutlets are great for any kind of family dinner or friend gathering!
  • Shanks: Cut from the upper arm of the elk, elk shanks are tougher than other cutlets. However, if prepared properly, elk shank is surprisingly tender and flavorful. Elk shank is typically best prepared in a slow-cooker.
  • Loin: Elk loin steaks are tender, lean, and naturally sweet. These thick cuts of juicy, tender meat are leaner than beef and arguably more delicious than beef, too!
  • And more!

Ask Us About Our Premium Elk Processing in Colorado Today!

If you’re an elk hunter, then take advantage of our professional elk processing in Colorado! Our highly skilled meat processing experts process and prepare premium cuts of elk meat for Colorado hunters and fellow red-meat lovers. Bring us your elk or wild game, and let us prepare succulent cuts of meat that you won’t soon forget!

Contact Greener Pastures today and as us about our premium elk processing in Colorado!

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