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Highly Rated Deer Processing in Colorado

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Hunters Love Our Professional Deer Processing in Colorado!

If you’re like most hunters in Colorado, then you love hunting deer. In addition to being an exciting challenge, deer hunting also produces some of the most delicious and nutritious sources of red meat. Deer meat is much leaner than beef, and it is known to have a delightfully “festive” taste, bursting with earthy and nutty flavors. Local hunters love our premium deer processing in Colorado, and they frequently give us their wild game and ask us to prepare succulent cuts of deer meat for their families. Because of this, Greener Pastures is proud to be the go-to place for professional deer processing in Colorado, and we are proud to hold that title!

Greener Pastures is a professional meat processing plant based in southern Colorado. From domestic cuts to wild game, our meat processing professionals have years of experience in preparing ed meat cutlets of all kinds. Whether you’re a hunter or a red meat lover, we’ll turn the hooved animal of your choice into delicious cuts of red meat.

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Our Deer Meat Processing Services  

Venison Primal Cuts
Venison Primal Cuts

Greener Pastures is honored to be able to provide our local hunters with professional deer processing in Colorado. From savory sirloins and ribs to meaty chucks and shanks, we prepare it all so you can spend less time cutting and more time hunting!

Some of our most popular deer cutlets include:

  • Sirloins: Deer sirloin steaks are tender and have a naturally earthy taste. Many hunters report that deer sirloin has hints of acorn, sage, and various herbs. Deer sirloin has a smooth, firm texture and it is known to be much leaner than beef sirloin.
  • Ribs: Deer ribs are much leaner and earthier than beef ribs, and they are bursting with festive flavors and succulent red meat. Like all wild game, deer ribs are best when they are prepared with moist methods of cooking.
  • Chuck Steaks: Chuck steaks are cut from the shoulder of the deer and they are much thinner and leaner than beef chuck steaks. Deer chuck steaks are great for stews, soups, and ground burgers or sausages.
  • Flanks: Deer flanks are thin, long-grained cuts of meat that are taken from the belly just behind the ribs of the deer. Flanks are tender, lean cuts of meat with a naturally savory flavor. Flanks are great grilled, pan-fried, boiled, or braised, and they can be used in a variety of different dishes! 
  • And more!

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Greener Pastures is proud to offer professional deer processing in Colorado. If you enjoy hunting deer year-round, then let our meat processing experts provide you with delectable cuts of deer meat! Bring us your deer, and we’ll prepare a red meat dinner that you and your family won’t soon forget!

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