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Premium Beef Processing in Colorado

Premium Beef Processing in Colorado

Don’t Let Good Beef Go to Waste!

Got Beef? Greener Pastures Offers High-Quality Beef Processing in Colorado!

If you’re a farmer or rancher in Colorado, then we know one thing for sure: you’re passionate about fresh food. You’re committed to putting in the work and producing quality products. Here at Greener Pastures, we share the same values. That’s why we’re proud to offer premium beef processing in Colorado. We’re passionate about providing our fellow Coloradans with high-quality meats, including delectable beef cutlets. You bring us your livestock, and we’ll prepare juicy cuts of meat that the whole family will love!

Ask us about our premium beef processing in Colorado, and let our beef processing professionals take care of all of your meat preparation needs!

Our beef processing process is simple: schedule your beef drop-off and then fill out your beef cut sheet! Any questions, please call us at 719-275-6911.

Beef Processing Fees

  • Processing/Cryovac $1.35/LB
  • Slaughter Fee $100
  • Patties $1.99/LB

Fat Added – $3.50LB

Boned-out meat will incur a minimum charge.

Our Beef Processing Services

Available Beef Cuts
Available Beef Cuts

Greener Pastures is the number one source for professional beef processing in Colorado. We prepare only the finest beef cutlets for our customers, and we handle every section of meat with the attention and care that it deserves.

Our meat processing experts prepare a wide variety of beef cutlets. To list just a few:

  • Chuck Steak: A beef chuck steak is a chewy, flavorful shoulder steak that is best marinated, braised, or grilled. This budget-friendly steak, is bursting with hearty meat and savory flavor.
  • Beef Brisket: A beef brisket is cut from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal. It includes the superficial and deep pectorals, making it a wonderfully tough and flavorful cutlet. Brisket is best for high-quality barbecue meats, corned beef, and pastrami.
  • Beef Ribs: Beef ribs are delectable cutlets of rib meat. If you love both red meat and pork ribs, then you’ll love the savory taste and hearty texture of beef ribs!
  • Sirloin Steak: Sirloin steaks are tough and packed full of texture and flavor. Sirloin is cut from the sub-primal posterior to the short loin where T-bones and club steaks are cut. Sirloin steaks are divided into two chunks: top sirloin and bottom sirloin. Top sirloin is delectable when marinated for long periods of time, and bottom sirloin is best served ground, and it is ideal for ground beef, roasts, and stews.
  • Tenderloin Steak: Cut from the loin of beef, tenderloin steaks are fine-grained and lean cuts of meat. They are the most tender cuts of beef, and they have a naturally buttery flavor. Tenderloin steaks are amongst some of the most popular cuts of beef.
  • Beef Shanks: Beef shanks are tough cuts of meat taken from the legs of steers and heifers. Rich nutrients leak from the bone and cartilage of this cutlet, giving it an exceptionally savory taste.  
  • And more!

Ask Us Today About Our Premium Beef Processing in Colorado!

Greener Pastures is proud to provide high-quality beef processing in Colorado. We’re passionate about providing our fellow Coloradans with premium beef cutlets of all kinds. Bring us your cattle, and we’ll prepare delectable cuts of meat that your whole family is guaranteed to love!

Contact us today to learn more about our premium beef processing in Colorado, or get started right away!

Rockie Special!!! $20

$22 With Upgrades

~Upgrade to specialty patties ($1 extra)

~Upgrade to speciality bacon ($1 extra)