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Antelope Processing in Colorado

Professional Antelope Processing in Colorado

Skinning, Packaging, and Premium Cuts

If You’re a Local Hunter, then Take Advantage of Professional Antelope Processing in Colorado!

Antelope hunting is an artform here in Colorado. Thanks to their incredible speed and agility, antelope hunting one of the most challenging and exciting sports for local hunters. Not only that, but antelope are a great source of lean, low-calorie red meat. But preparing antelope meat can be tedious and time-consuming. If you love hunting antelope, but hate hauling, skinning, and preparing the meat, then Greener Pastures is here for you! We offer professional antelope processing in Colorado. We’ll handle the meat preparation process so you can spend less time skinning and cutting and more time hunting!

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Our Antelope Meat Processing Services

Antelope Primal Cuts
Antelope Primal Cuts

Greener Pastures is proud to provide our local hunters with professional antelope processing in Colorado. From savory tenderloin steaks to tender rib meat, we’ll prepare delectable cuts of red meat for you and your family!

Some of our most popular cuts include:

  • Tenderloin Steaks: Antelope loin steaks are mild and finely grained, making them the perfect canvas for a variety of seasonings and marinades. Antelope tenderloin is much leaner than beef, making it a great, low-calorie option. If you love beef tenderloin, then you’ll definitely love antelope tenderloin!
  • Antelope Ribs: Antelope ribs are very similar to venison ribs in both taste and texture. As a leaner meat, antelope ribs are mild and take on the flavor of seasonings and rubs very well.
  • Shoulder Steaks: Antelope shoulder steaks are some of the most flavorful meats on the animal. Antelope shoulder steaks are known to have a taste comparable to grass fed beef. These steaks are much leaner than beef, making them a great low-calorie steak that anyone will enjoy!
  • Antelope Leg: Antelope leg is a much tougher, firmer meat. It is very lean, and it is best prepared with very moist cooking methods.
  • Antelope Neck: Antelope neck meat is very similar to its shoulder meat. Antelope neck meat is thick and highly flavorful. Being a much leaner meat, antelope neck meat steaks are great low-calorie, low-cholesterol red meat options.
  • Shanks: Antelope shanks are extremely popular amongst red meat lovers. The meat is naturally savory, it is surprisingly tender when cooked properly. Antelope shanks are full of meat and flavor, making them perfect for creating delicious wild game gravies.
  • And much more!

Ask Us Today About Our Professional Antelope Processing in Colorado!

Greener Pastures is proud to offer professional antelope processing in Colorado. Local hunters trust us with their wild game, and we give them premium cuts of red meat that their friends and families will love. If you’re a local hunter, then let us fuel your passion with professional meat processing services! Bring us your antelope, and we’ll skin, prepare, and process the meat for you!

Ask us today about our premium antelope processing in Colorado, and let our experts handle all of your meat processing needs!

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